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Multi-Family Case Studies

The following case studies represent some of our recent projects including the solar multi-family building of the year for 2006, Solar Village Prospect, and the soon to break ground Solar Village Maple.

Solar Village Prospect

Solar Village Prospect is a mixed use building of 16 condos and 4 retail spaces.  This building won the 2006 Solar Building of Year award for its design, unique combination of solar systems, and the low cost to live here.  Units are still available for move in!

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Prospect Work/Live

This unique project of 12 work/live condos was one of the first in Boulder County to offer the flexibility of a work and live space in the same unit.  The ultimate eco building since it completely eliminates your work commute (unless you count a flight of stairs as a commute).

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Solar Village Maple

This community focused mixed use building in downtown Fort Collins, CO is scheduled for groundbreaking in 2010.  It will have solar power, solar assisted heating, open floor plans, community outdoor cooking and much more all within walking distance of one of the nicest downtowns in the USA.

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