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Turn-key Homes

Acting as the homes' architect, Solar Village will work with a General Contractor of your choice to Design & Build a home that is a true solar home that performs at the levels the Solar Village Homes brand demands. These homes are designed to be cost effectively built onsite in a way that meets our standards for aestetics, passive solar principles, comfort and practical efficiency.  Solar Village Homes and the contractor will handle everything turn-key, so you don't have to worry.


A Turn-Key Solar Village Home is:
  • A true passive solar high performance home.
  • Homes can be built using SIP panels, spray insulations, rigid foam exteriors, straw bale, ICF's, and other high performance insulation systems.
  • We also believe in building systems that speed up the build times and improve quality, like panelization, pre-built trusses, and SIP panels.
  • Every detail has been thought out so you can live in a healthy, low maintenance home with as low as Zero energy bills without any worries (see possible home features on left bar).
  • Ready to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credits being offered for solar systems for even more savings.
  • Available with wide range of Eco products and finishes (as available in your Region)
  • A unique product for private landowners, or developers and builders looking for a one of a kind home for their project.
  • We also offer a passive solar greenhouse option that allows you to grow year round even in the coldest climates without any energy costs!
  • Click here to see some of our customers' Turn-Key Solar Village Homes 

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 IMPORTANT: All Solar Village homes are designed and engineered for maximum energy efficiency and livability. In order to achieve the best performance certain design features ( such as high performance insulation) are critical and will be a must have in our homes. In addition site orientation is critical and the south facing wall must face within + or - 20 degrees of due south to allow the home to be a true passive solar home.


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